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Diploma Thesis (Currently there are no positions available)


  • Completed First Term ("Erster Abschnitt") in Psychology or Bachelor degree in Psychology (BSc.), prefereable with a focus on Clinical Psychology, Experimental (Social) Psychology or Biological Psychology
  • Completed "Fachliteraturseminar" (FLS), FLS can be attended simultaneously to the start of the diploma/master thesis.
  • Internship (or similar activity) at the VR-Lab and prior experiences in the field of VR, experimental psychology or computer science will be considered in the selection process.

Open topics:

Open topics for Diploma or Master theses will be annouced via the VR-Lab webside or the Research Seminar ("Forschungsseminar für Fortgeschrittene"). We ask you to discuss individual topics with your individual supervisors at the Research Seminar ("Forschungsseminar für Fortgeschrittene") and not during office hours of your designated supervisors.


Selected students will get access to the vr.intra and are asked to write a proposal about their research project (Exposé, see details in vr.intra). This proposal should be send to the designated supervisor and the Managing Directors. According to the quality of the proposal the project will be accepted (maybe with some revisions) or rejected.

After acceptance:

We obligate all accepted diploma students to participate at the Research Seminar of the supervisor and all lab meetings together with the Managing Directors. You have to successfully complete two presentations at the Research Seminar: 1. oral presentation of your Proposal ("Planungsreferat"), 2. oral and poster presentation on the results of your study ("Auswertungsreferat"). During the lab meetings you can discuss current problems and solutions of your current project with the team and other diploma/master students.

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