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All good things come to an end: We say thank you for your support

The VRL-cooperation project between the Faculty of Psychology and the Faculty of Computer Science will end 5 years after its foundation in September 2015.

We keep you posted about new research publications and press releases from the VRL on this website. Further short history of the VRL will be published here. We want to thank all people helping us to keep this lap running over 5 years and doing VR research over half a decate (August 2010-September 2015). Please visit our publication, press and funding site for an overview of our research in this time.


Big Thanks for making this possible to:

Our Co-Directors and Associate Directors: Ilse Kryspin-Exner, Helmut Hlavacs and Kristina Hennig-Fast

Our Research Assistants: Anna-K. Heinzle, Johanna Rudyk, Johanna Xenia Kafka and Mareike Schmidt

Our Projectmanager and Researchers: Jasmine Gomm, Leon Beutl, Nathalie Hauk and Elisabeth Kastenhofer.

Our technical support: Ewald Hotop

Our Associates and Partners: Mario Lehenbauer, Susanne Schuett, Dorothea Königand Lisa M. Glenk

Our Partners and Sponsors for the Lab and associated Workshops and Conferences: BMvit, FFG benefit, AAL Europe, OK Glas, Dr. Schuhfried GmbH, ISPR, Cyberrith, Komm-mit-ment, VTPlus, University of Vienna, and LEFOP.

Our Students, Alumni, Visiting Scholars, Volunteers and helping hands over the last years and many more!


We'll be back ;)

Oswald D. Kothgassner & Anna Felnhofer

Founding Directors




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