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Dienstag, 1. September 2015

All good things come to an end: We say thank you for your support

The VRL-cooperation project between the Faculty of Psychology and the Faculty of Computer Science will end 5 years after its foundation in September 2015.

Dienstag, 4. August 2015

The drones are coming! Helmut Hlavacs and David Mirk earn international recognition with virtual tourism using drones

Beside national and international media reported about the idea of first-person drone tourism, the New Scientist reports about this ground breaking research.

Montag, 25. Mai 2015

New paper published in the International Journal of Human-Computer Studies

Anna Felnhofer, Oswald D. Kothgassner and the team of the VRL published a new work about VR as mood induction method for experimental psychology using different enivironmental effects in a virtual park scenario.

Mittwoch, 24. Dezember 2014

The VR-Lab team presented our work this year at two conferences and organized the 15th International Conference on Presence in Vienna

Johanna Xenia Kafka, Mareike Schmidt and our VRL directors presented this year at the national ÖGP conference and organized this years ISPR conference in Vienna.

Montag, 1. Dezember 2014

The VR-Lab is shown in the newest Uni:view magazine

Our directors were interviewed about current developments in virtual reality research, cybertherapy, social participation in virtual words as well as current directions in serious games.

Dienstag, 18. November 2014

Wilhelm-Exner Prize for Psychology goes to VR-researcher Oswald D. Kothgassner

The Wilhelm-Exner-Prize for Psychology 2014 goes to VR-Lab Director Oswald D. Kothgassner for his research about human behavior after they were socially excluded by virtual agents or avatars.

Mittwoch, 1. Oktober 2014

Does gender matter in HCI research? A new chapter published for the brand new book Interacting with Presence

A new book including the newest chapter of Anna Felnhofer and Oswald D. Kothgassner about the Gender-perspective in HCI is now published.

Sonntag, 15. Juni 2014

New paper in Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking published

Afraid to Be There? A new study about Emotion, Stress and Presence by Anna Felnhofer and Oswald D. Kothgassner is published in the well-known journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking.

Montag, 21. April 2014

Talk about social exclusion in virtual environments at the ÖGP Conference 2014

Our team presented our newest VR study at the conference of the Austrian Psychological Association.

Freitag, 21. März 2014

Best paper award of the International Society for Presence Research 2014

First author Oswald D. Kothgassner and presenter Johanna Xenia Kafka were awarded together with Anna Felnhofer with the Best Paper Award of the International Society for Presence Research.

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